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A Frozen Creation - Frozen Drink Machine Rentals

Fantastic Flavors & Mixes !

Having great equipment to chill your drinks in is important but having really great flavors and mixes makes it that much better!  With your rental you have the choice of any of our full line of mix offerings.  All mixes come in half-gallon liquid syrup concentrate and are very flavor-rich with real fruit puree added.

Our Most Popular Flavor & Mix Choices:

  • Classic Margarita
  • Strawberry Diaquiri or Margarita 
  • Peach
  • Hurricane
  • Tropical Knockout Punch*
  • Mudslide*
  • Razzmatazzberry*
  • Summertime Lemonade*
  • Go Mango*

*  Special order mix; not stocked; minimums may apply.

Each mix comes in a 1/2 gallon liquid syrup container. One mix will make approximately 5 gallons of drink solution when water and alcohol is added.
Each mix will yield about 75 - 85 eight-ounce drinks.

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